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Since its founding in 1979 "DOS" Ltd. has been producing and developing operations on the Baltic Sea Coast, in Leba and Lebork. From a local fish producer "DOS" has grown to become the leading Polish fish processor and exporter. At present our manufacturing plant makes 2 mln. canned fish a month and most of it is made from fresh raw material delivered daily by Baltic Fishing Boats. The plant is a modern one of nearly 10 000 m2 in area.
In order to meet with growing market requirements we plan further development of our production capacity and constantly modernise and improve our working methods. All the processing is done within the HACCP system, under the supervision of veterinary doctors and plant quality control. "DOS" is also a certified producer for the Army. As a consequence of our EU and USA export approvals, we are also under quality and sanitary inspection by the respective authorities of said markets. By the end of 2002 we had the FDA inspection. As quality is our main focus, all "DOS" employees are engaged in quality improvement and introducing the new production technologies alongside their daily work and the creation of new quality products. Recently, besides canned fish, we started new investments into increased production of smoked, fresh, frozen fish and portions.


DOS Ltd.

2 Kopernika Street
84-360 Leba Poland

tel.: +48 598662237
tel.: +48 598664130
mobile: +48 692782163
mobile: +48 602283241
fax: +48 598662972


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DOS Fish Processing Company Ltd.

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